Sunday, September 22, 2019
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Embassy of Spain names Maxwell Elementary the 2018-2019 School of the...

Students at Maxwell Elementary, Kentucky’s oldest immersion program, learn global competency along with their regular classes.

Equity means doing what is right for each and every student

When most educators hear the word “equity,” they usually think of issues related to race or of someone relinquishing some rights, services, power or privileges so that members of under-served groups can benefit. Equity is so much more than either of those notions, and the truth is that everyone wants equity.

KDE equity labs focus on equitable access

The Kentucky Department of Education will host equity labs focused on providing equitable access to educators through recruitment and retention to school and district leaders in March and April at seven locations across Kentucky.

KDE equity labs focus on equitable access

The Kentucky Department of Education’s Division of Next Generation Professionals will offer equity labs to school and district leaders during November at four locations across Kentucky.

Pruitt issues State of P-12 Education report

Kentucky must do more to ensure all students receive the same educational opportunities and access to rigorous coursework, Commissioner of Education Stephen Pruitt said during his State of Education news conference Feb. 22.

State’s equitable access to effective educators plan approved

Kentucky’s plan to eliminate identified equity gaps includes strategies focused on recruitment, hiring and placement; ongoing, job-embedded professional learning; evaluation of educators and retention.

Joseph W. Kelly Award nomination process opens

 The window for accepting nominations for the annual Joseph W. Kelly Award is now open.  This award will be given to a businessperson who has...