Thursday, September 16, 2021
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End of virtual Commissioner’s Listening Tour will begin Kentucky’s journey to...

As Education Commissioner Jason E. Glass’ virtual Listening Tour comes to an end, the feedback and input received from Kentucky’s education community will be used to shape the future of public education in the Commonwealth.

Governor’s Scholars Program to add 30 more students due to federal...

The Governor’s Scholars Program (GSP) will be able to accommodate 30 more Kentucky students this year, and for each of the next two years, thanks to an infusion of federal funding.

Rethinking education: How am I smart?

In 2018, I had the good fortune of hearing a young man named Jemar Lee speak at the annual symposium of what is now called the Aurora Institute. At the time, Jemar was a student at Iowa Big, a leading learner-centered high school. Today, Jemar is a fellow with Education Reimagined, a national leader in learner-centered education and someone I’m proud to call friend.

Commissioner’s Virtual Listening Tour kicks off in Louisville

Education Commissioner Jason E. Glass’ virtual listening tour kicked off April 6 with nearly 100 stakeholders ready to share their input on long-term aspirations for the Commonwealth’s education system.

High-quality instructional resources matter

All of us at the Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) are committed to the core values of equity, achievement, collaboration and integrity. These are the values that drive our work day after day.

LSAC approves amendments, further guidance coming on disciplinary removal for special...

The Kentucky Department of Education is moving ahead with aligning special education regulations with federal law, as well as clarifying special education regulations for districts.

Kentucky teachers discuss KDE’s equity work, hear assessment and accountability updates

During a March 23 virtual meeting, members of the Kentucky Department of Education’s Teachers Advisory Council met with department leadership to examine KDE’s ongoing equity initiatives.

KDE Commissioner’s Student Advisory Council discusses current education-related legislation

The Kentucky Department of Education’s (KDE’s) Commissioner’s Student Advisory Council (SAC) heard about recent education-related legislation in Kentucky during their meeting on March 23.

Principals Advisory Council hears about equity, role of school counselor in...

The Kentucky Department of Education’s (KDE’s) Principals Advisory Council (PrAC) heard about the school counselor’s role in providing social-emotional support for students during their meeting on March 16.

KDE Parents Advisory Council shows support for steps towards equity and...

The Kentucky Department of Education’s (KDE’s) Parents Advisory Council (PAC) expressed appreciation and support for KDE’s commitment to providing schools with the resources needed to create a more equitable and inclusive environment.