Hope Street Fellow

Using social media to lift other teachers up

Teachers should be supporting other teachers; not competing against one another or trying to outdo the person in the classroom down the hall. We should be sharing our ideas, celebrating one another’s successes and trying to lift one another up when we are down.

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KY SENT: Support for new teachers

Marion County's Dana Lee Thomas explains how a new program set up by a group of Hope Street Fellows is designed to provide the support new teachers need.

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Untapped potential: Identifying gifted minority students

Warren County's Stephanie Beason says educators, schools and districts need to take extra steps when identifying students who could be best served in a gifted program to make sure they are not overlooking children due to their background or home lives.

By |2019-12-18T09:55:07-05:00June 26, 2018|

Why teach?

Washington County’s Holly Wood shares the winding path that led her to her classroom and her love for teaching.

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