Kentucky Academic Standards for Social Studies

How to bring more complete understanding of American Indian history, cultures and contemporary lives

As stated in the Kentucky Academic Standards (KAS) for Social Studies, the goal of social studies education is for children to “develop thinking and decision-making skills that prepare them for responsible citizenship in a democratic society.” Hearing from and learning about diverse groups in the Americas is critical to reaching this goal.

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Social Studies Student Work Samples- A Workshop for Teachers

A unique opportunity is available for K-12 social studies teachers to learn how to implement assignments strongly aligned to the Kentucky Academic Standards (KAS) for Social Studies using the Social Studies Student Assignment Library.

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Women’s History Month and economics?

March is Women’s History Month and we often use it to highlight important historical figures like Susan B. Anthony and Rosa Parks, but we shouldn’t forget that economists are making history too!

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Talking with Students About Jan. 6, 2021

Throughout the course of my education career, I have engaged in numerous discussions on how and if schools should discuss and teach controversial topics with students.

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