Kentucky High School Teacher of the Year

Podcasts offer wealth of inspiration for teachers

Kentucky High School Teacher of the Year Joshua Underwood gives instructions to juniors Megan Huber and Amanda Lee during chemistry class at Mason County High School.Photo by Amy Wallot, Jan. 9, 2015 By Joshua Underwood Being a teacher is often as much about being an entertainer as it is being a conveyor of knowledge. We have to [...]

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It’s football time…in the classroom!

Joanna Howerton Stevens One of my favorite sounds of fall is hearing “It’s football time in the Bluegrass” blared from the speakers at Commonwealth Stadium.   Cheering for the University of Kentucky football team is a treasured pastime that I have enjoyed since I was a little girl going to games with my family.   I have witnessed huge victories [...]

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Lessons for new teachers

Joanna Howerton Stevens As the second semester begins, many schools are welcoming student teachers. Four years ago, I was getting ready to embark on my own student teaching experience. I had survived the stress of papers, exams, projects, and observations to prepare me for this moment.  I was consumed with nerves and anxiety, ready to start the final [...]

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Dreams really do come true

Joanna Howerton Stevens As a young girl, I often played school with my imaginary students. My bedroom was my classroom and it included an old school desk with a red grade book similar to the one my mom used to record her students’ grades.  My teachers were my role models and I was eager to attend school each day.  [...]

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Constantly grow, support each other in educating ALL children

Allison Hunt As I have interacted with teachers across my district, the state, and the country this past year, I have been struck by the number of dedicated, talented teachers who are exerting tremendous effort to educate our children.  These talented educators recognize the significance of their job and truly give maximum effort in their daily preparations. Clearly, [...]

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The Wonder of Summer

Allison Hunt Although the general public may believe teachers “get the summer off,” we know that is not reality.  Summer is, however, often a time for personal and professional rejuvenation.  Stepping out of the classroom and into new experiences definitely transforms my teaching and helps provide new energy as the school year begins. This summer was especially enriching [...]

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