Tuesday, December 7, 2021
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Real science for real life: Winter weather

Help your students understand winter weather with these explanations and experiments from the Kentucky Academy of Science.

Imagine the benefits of performance tasks

Clark County's Maggie Doyle shares how she learned that integrating a performance task into a unit in her high school mathematics classroom doesn't have to mean sacrificing content or pacing.

Free mini-course about global education

Primary Source – a developer of global online professional learning and resources – in collaboration with the National Educational Associate, have a comprehensive four-hour long mini professional learning course about global education.

Real science for real life: Buoyancy

The Kentucky Academy of Science helps you understand the science behind buoyancy.

Starting them off global

In our current knowledge economy, knowing information is useless unless you can do something with that knowledge.

Free lesson plans focus on importance of local government

The Kentucky League of Cities (KLC) is offering a series of lesson plans targeted to elementary school students in conjunction with City Government Month...

Students learn history by creating it

Bullitt County teacher Doug Henry’s students learn about the past by imagining what could have happened.

Real science for real life

One key factor in the fight against forest fires is education. Read about an elementary school lesson plan that explores the mechanics of forest fires.

Real science for real life

Help students design their own activity to mimic the infection process of flu by presenting them with this lesson.

Need a head start on middle school/high school lesson plans?

Global Oneness Project offers free, fully developed lessons and photo collections that seek to change student perspectives.