Wednesday, August 21, 2019
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Tag: Mercer County

Campbellsville University presents Excellence in Teaching Awards

Campbellsville University recognized 197 teachers from across Kentucky in its annual Excellence in Teaching Award Program.

24 Valvoline Teacher Achievement Award winners named

The Kentucky Department of Education and Valvoline Inc. have selected 24 outstanding Kentucky educators as recipients of the 2020 Valvoline™ Teacher Achievement Awards.

Superintendent Spotlight: Dennis Davis, Mercer County

The Mercer County school district continues to move in a positive direction through the leadership of Superintendent Dennis Davis. This Proficient school district has...

Taking in knowledge, while giving back to others

Schools can help with memorial funding and learn along the way.

A sine of the times

One calculus teacher guides students at two schools using Skype.

Taking a bite out of success

As they took bites of different apples, 2nd-grade students at Anne Mason Elementary School (Scott County) kicked off a science unit without even realizing it.