Friday, May 14, 2021
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Bringing parents to the table

The Every Student Succeeds Act – the federal law that governs K-12 public education – the phrase “parent and family engagement” is used in lieu of “parental involvement.” While that seems like a minor change, I think it is a big shift in how we think about the relationship between families and our schools.

New app informs parents, students on school work

The “Campus Student” and “Campus Parent” apps provide secure access to individual student information housed in Infinite Campus, Kentucky’s student information system.

Parents and educators working together for student success

ParentCamp breaks down barriers between home and school.

Opening the schoolhouse doors

Boone County wants to bridge the gap between school and home for its 20,000 students.

Ways for school leaders to engage parents

The Coalition for Community Schools has identified six keys to community engagement that should serve as a guide for school leaders when engaging school...

Parent involvement vital to student success

Teachers can keep both students and parents engaged throughout school year.