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Work group to consider changes to growth indicator in accountability system

Commissioner of Education Wayne Lewis has called for the creation of a group of key stakeholders from across the Commonwealth to review the state’s current growth calculation methodology and make recommendations for how to improve it before the release of school accountability data next fall.

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Math matters question of the month

Share your thoughts about October’s math question with the Kentucky Department of Education mathematics consultants.

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Paris schools celebrate 150 years

To mark the district's anniversary, the Hopewell Museum is featuring a special exhibit called, "Paris Schools: 150 Years of Academic Excellence."

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Superintendent’s Spotlight: Gary Wiseman, Paris Independent

Gary Wiseman As the Paris Independent school district approaches its 150th anniversary, it is important to reflect on the past traditions and successes, but also to examine where the district is now and where it can be in the future. It is easy to reflect on the past and honor Paris Independent’s notable alumni, undefeated football teams and [...]

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