Wednesday, September 30, 2020
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Livingston middle school recognized for making wellness a priority

The school’s principal said it has resulted in not only healthier students, but also a stronger school.

Two honored as PE teachers of the year

The 2014 KAHERD teachers of the year are Daniel Hill, a teacher at Tates Creek Elementary (Fayette County) and Rhonda Smith, a teacher at Lloyd Memorial High School (Elsmere-Erlanger Independent).

Adaptive recreation can make all PE students feel like part of...

At a recent adaptive recreation training, teachers learned how physical education classes can be adapted to include students with disabilities, and at the same time break down walls between differently abled students.

Getting a Boston education

By Amy Wallot Tucked away in western Nelson County is Boston Elementary School. It serves about 300 kindergarten through 8th-grade students and was designated a...

‘Let’s Move’ encourages students, schools to get active

More Kentucky students are kicking their sedentary habits and getting active thanks to the “Let’s Move!” Active Schools initiative. The physical education program empowers teachers,...

Giving health and PE educators a boost in teaching

Trainings help health/PE teachers make sure lessons align with national standards.

Physical, health education changing with the times

PE teachers need to champion physical activity and health education in their schools.

A wealth of health knowledge

National Health Education Standards help students develop positive attitudes and practices.

Book serves as guide to effective dance instruction

By Tamara Buchanan Caldwell County Elementary School As a physical education (PE) teacher who uses dance instruction in my classes at Caldwell County Elementary School, Terrie...