Thursday, September 16, 2021
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Open textbook, education resources

The following teaching and learning materials are available for free in the public domain and are provided by Kathy Mansfield, library media and textbook consultant for the Kentucky Department of Education, for consideration by educators to supplement the curriculum.

NASA’s Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Podcast available

NASA's DIY Podcast offers resources for educators and students to use to create podcasts using free NASA images, video footage and audio clips. Various topic modules are available on the site, including:

Black History Month resources available

Black History Month is celebrated each February, and Scholastic, Inc. offers many resources for teachers to use in the classroom to support this recognition. See...

Equity, resources and outcomes key to school technology use

Technology can be a wonderful tool for learning. It allows access to up-to-date information, increases communication, and offers interactivity and relevance as we prepare ALL...

TELL Kentucky survey speaks volumes about districts

Data is meaningful if used to support collaborative efforts to identify and implement best practices within and among Kentucky schools.