Monday, October 18, 2021
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Student drawings show why teacher diversity matters in Kentucky

About a year ago, someone from the Kentucky Education Association reached out to our office and asked if we would like to display the drawings our public school students did as part of their Difference Makers Art Contest. As those drawings were recently being taken down, it got me thinking about how they connect to the department’s efforts on teacher diversity and teacher recruitment.

Teach a child, change a life

I like to say that people who are drawn to becoming teachers generally have a calling. That got me thinking; why do we often call teaching a calling?

‘Windows and mirrors’: Kentucky’s 2020 TOY hopes to increase teacher racial...

Erin Ball, Kentucky’s 2020 Teacher of the Year, was introduced to the Kentucky Board of Education on Feb. 4. The following are her comments from the meeting.

New program aims to increase diversity in teacher workforce

There is no greater education equity issue in Kentucky than ensuring every public school student in Kentucky has a highly-qualified and effective teacher. But as we continue to build our teacher workforce around effectiveness, we also must be attuned to building a workforce that is more reflective of the incredible diversity of Kentucky students and communities.

Student Council talks about teacher shortages, inclusion

The Kentucky Department of Education’s Student Council met Feb. 13 for the first time in the 2019-2020 school year.

KDE announces loan forgiveness program for future Kentucky teachers

In a news conference on Jan. 24, the Kentucky Department of Education announced the launch of the Kentucky Academy for Equity in Teaching, a renewable loan forgiveness program designed to identify and prepare effective, experienced and diverse public educators in the Commonwealth.

Equity and educator diversity in Kentucky

For the past several months, the Kentucky Department of Education has focused on developing a strategic plan to increase the number of diverse educators in Kentucky.