Saturday, June 24, 2017

English 2 and Algebra 2 teachers sought to help develop EOC field tests

The kick off for developing new End of Course Assessments for English 2 and Algebra 2 – which will be field tested in the spring of 2018 – will take place in July.

Professional learning opportunities for mathematics

Keep your skills sharp this summer with these upcoming professional learning opportunities.

Learning from Kentucky’s Classrooms Conference scheduled for September

Learn from Kentucky educators during the 3rd Annual Learning from Kentucky’s Classrooms Conference in Bowling Green.

NKU, Cincinnati co-hosting STEM conference

Northern Kentucky University and the University of Cincinnati will hold STEM Conference 2017 Sept. 26-27.

Bringing math to life through the workshop model

Christian County"s Emily Chandler and Jettie Payne explain how differentiation is at the heart of the Math Workshop model, which their district uses to reach students on their individual achievement level.

Coherently thinking about mathematics instruction

Ballard County's Priscilla Keller explains how coherence maps can help teachers focus on ensuring their students have the mathematical skills necessary to move on to the next grade.

Don’t miss out on Kentucky Math Academy training

Increase your mathematical knowledge for teaching to positively impact student learning by participating in the Kentucky Math Academy.

Professional learning opportunities for mathematics

Increase your mathematical knowledge with these professional learning opportunities.

SNAP training session to be offered in Bowling Green

The Kentucky Center for Mathematics will offer a SNAP (Student Numeracy Assessment Progressions) training session June 1-2 in Bowling Green. The two-day course for K-2...
Brooke Powers

Incorporating more math practice standards for students

Read more about the 8 Mathematical Practices are considered the behaviors that all teachers should try to elicit from their students in order to help make them stronger mathematicians and problem solvers.