Saturday, August 19, 2017

Kentucky Mathematics Pathways for Secondary Education

The excerpt below is from the minimum requirements for high school graduation regulation 704 KAR 3:305 and focuses on the minimum requirements for mathematics.

Math matters question of the month

The KDE mathematics consultants want your thoughts and opinions.

Why master coaches and coaching matter

Berea Independent's Jennifer Donnelly shares her thoughts on why instructional coaches, although sometimes not well defined, matter in today's classrooms.

What is the Mathematics Design Collaborative?

The Mathematics Design Collaborative provides teachers with an instructional framework and processes to facilitate true formative assessment within and between units of study

Summer professional learning for mathematics

Looking for professional learning opportunities in mathematics this summer? Take a look at these professional learning opportunities.

Math matters question of the month

Share your thoughts about this month's math question with Kentucky Department of Education mathematics consultants.

Campaigning for coherence in math

Kentucky teachers have been engaged with the Kentucky Core Advocate network to support the implementation of Kentucky’s Academic Standards and help bring math coherence to the state’s classrooms.

Mathematics professional learning opportunities

Looking for professional learning in mathematics this summer? Check out these professional learning opportunities.

Find new resources with the Kentucky Numeracy Project Intervention Guide

The Kentucky Numeracy Project Intervention Guide is a free instructional resource for all Kentucky teachers.

Free math resource

Kentucky’s Summer Math Challenge is a free math skills maintenance program based on grade-level standards that help prepare students for college and careers.