The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching is looking for educators with an interest in using continuous improvement as an approach to solving problems in education. This will be the focus of the foundation’s next Explorers’ Workshop, September 18-19, at the Carnegie Foundation Headquarters in Stanford, CA.

The field of education has struggled to find ways to efficiently and effectively link new knowledge and to organize and lead an array of continuous improvement processes to solve practical problems. Networked Improvement Communities (NICs) provide the necessary organizational structure for the diverse expertise needed to solve problems that plague our nation’s colleges and schools.

Carnegie’s Explorers’ Workshop offers a first engagement with the ideas of improvement science pursued in the context of Networked Improvement Communities (NICs). Lasting two days, it offers an introduction to NIC initiation, highlighting the role of problem definition and specification, systems analysis and the core functions served by a network hub, as well as an overview of improvement science including measurement and analytics, change theory, and testing. The workshop is intended for those interested in, but not yet familiar with or deeply engaged in, working as a NIC. We encourage people to participate in small teams of two to seven members working on a shared core problem of education practice.

Register now or visit the Explorers’ Workshop website for more information about the event.