The Kentucky Association for Environmental Education (KAEE) has announced that they will award $500 mini-grants for area schools affiliated with the Kentucky Green Schools (KGS) program to help fund their energy-themed investigations and action projects.

Made possible through support from the Enbridge company, priority will be given to Title I schools located in counties served by Enbridge, which include Bath, Boyle, Clark, Johnson, Metcalfe, Monroe and Spencer counties. Public and non-religious private schools are encouraged to apply.

A total of two mini-grants will be awarded, which will be utilized to fund projects focused on energy conservation, quality and/or sustainability. Launched earlier this year, KGS is designed to inspire students to develop environmentally-friendly behavior and to feel empowered to take active steps toward creating a greener and healthier world—starting with their local environment at school. 

To be eligible for an energy mini-grant, students will be responsible for leading all aspects of the project, including completing the energy investigation of their school, identifying the need, writing up (or creating a video of) the proposal and implementing the project. This gives students from two select Kentucky schools the opportunity to not only learn more about energy quality and conservation in their school but also to practice life skills such as writing, public speaking, leadership and project management.

“By encouraging students to take on leadership roles within their school community, the KGS program not only fosters environmental stewardship, but also helps equip the upcoming generation as they build essential skills required to become proactive and involved community members,” said Ashley Hoffman, executive director of KAEE.

The grant application deadline is Wednesday, Nov. 15, and KAEE will select winners and notify applicants of award status by Dec. 15. 

School officials can learn more about the mini-grant and how to apply by visiting the KAEE Green Schools website.