Have you heard about KFEC Money Academy? It’s the asynchronous, online financial education platform that the Kentucky Financial Empowerment Commission (KFEC) offers free to high schools across the state to help meet the new financial literacy graduation requirement. To date, Kentucky students have completed 15,758 mini-courses on the platform with a 60.8% knowledge gain. Currently, there are nearly 26,000 students with access to the platform, with room for more!

What is KFEC Money Academy?

KFEC Money Academy is a robust, online financial education platform provided to Kentucky High Schools by the Kentucky Financial Empowerment Commission – FREE OF CHARGE. It fully meets the 9th-12th grade standards for financial literacy as set forth by the Kentucky Department of Education.

KFEC Money Academy provides a plan that takes students through mini-courses, articles, tools, videos, and more within three broad categories: Managing Money, Paying for School, and Finding a Career. All the standards are addressed in a way that is interesting and meaningful to students and simple for teachers!

Why KFEC Money Academy?

There is a great deal of flexibility built into the program. It can be rolled out to the entire school, a single class or somewhere in between. It can be used as a stand-alone program or in conjunction with resources already in use. As a stand-alone program, it can be completed in as few as nine weeks with 15 hours of engaging material.

Where do I learn more and apply?

Go to the Kentucky Financial Empowerment Commission website, where you’ll find a quick list of content that meets the Kentucky standards, course descriptions, a sample video and more. If you’re ready to apply, fill out the KFEC Money Academy application form.