The Louisville Zoo is offering a new digital outreach for children, schools and families: Virtual Animal Adventures, through its Zoo Live! program.

For $150, a group can experience two 30-minute live sessions, a virtual field trip/walkthrough with zoo staff, and downloadable digital materials.

The first live session is “Ask us anything!” with zoo personnel, and the second is a “Creature feature” close-up with one of the zoo’s small ambassador animals.

The zoo also offers Virtual Animal Events for $10 per participating device, which includes a live session from one of the zoo’s animal areas and corresponding education activity.

Future events include “Spooky Sessions” 6-7 p.m. ET Oct. 30, with a variety of Halloween activities live from the zoo’s islands fruit bats exhibit; and Annie’s Awesome Adventure Day on Nov. 14 live from the snow leopard clubhouse.

Virtual Animal Adventures and Virtual Animal Events with the Louisville Zoo require online registration on the Louisville Zoo website.