An educational poster, Kentucky Landscapes through Geologic Time, is a 40- x 36-inch poster with a section for each of the major periods of geologic time, stretching back nearly 500 million years to the Ordovician Period.

The inspiration for this poster came from Chris Scotese of the University of Texas at Arlington. The website illustrates the position of the continents throughout geologic time. Using maps adapted from his site, it is pointed out where Kentucky would have been at different periods during Earth’s long history.

Each section on the poster also describes the environmental conditions of the geologic period, how the sedimentary rocks developed, and current Kentucky features or resources that formed in each period. Photos and graphics depict the life forms, geology and fossils of each period. A small map of today’s Kentucky highlights where the bedrock formed during each period can be found at the surface.

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To obtain a copy of the poster, contact Dan Carey.