The National Museum of the American Indian in Washington has launched a new website that includes new resources available from its education office.

The Native Knowledge 360 page is a starting point for the museum’s national initiative to inspire and promote improvement of teaching and learning about American Indians.

A new removal lesson includes modules designed for use by grades 5-12. The lessons can be led by the teacher, students can self-investigate or teachers can facilitate with student investigation. The lesson is built on the C3 Inquiry Arc.

The museum also will offer:

  • a STEAM lesson this summer on the Great Incan Road for grades 4-8; and
  • two lessons in September on treaties for grades 7-12 that will focus on the Plains Bands, the Horse Creek and Fort Laramie Treaties and political sovereignty and the Pacific Northwest Tribes, the Medicine Creek Treaty, the Fish Wars (1958-76) and food sovereignty.

Email Chris Robinson for more information.