Graphic with picture of Rebecca Brewer reading: Elementary School Teacher Achievement Award winner, Norton Commons Elementary School, Jefferson County

Rebecca Brewer has always had a passion for learning, creativity and helping others.

This is why she fell in love with education and decided to pursue a bachelor’s degree in elementary education with a certification in learning/behavior disorders at Bellarmine University. She also earned a master’s degree as a literary specialist.

“I always knew I wanted to be a teacher,” she said. “In the 2nd grade, I dressed up as one for Career Day and now I’m living that dream every day!”

Currently, Brewer is teaching 4th-grade mathematics at Norton Commons Elementary (Jefferson County).

It has been Brewer’s mission to ensure that social-emotional learning and character education are at the forefront of her classroom. She conducts class discussions with her students to reflect on the classroom environment and works closely with the counselor and mental health practitioner at her school to identify students who need extra support.

“I believe it is my responsibility to do my part in cultivating productive citizens for our future society,” she said.

Outside of the classroom, Brewer has served as the 3rd- and 4th-grade team leader, as the literary project coach at Bellarmine University, and on the interview and culture climate committees at her school.

She also has helped with her students’ extracurriculars by choreographing her school’s spring plays, leading the drama club for 3rd- and 5th-graders, coaching cheerleading and coaching the problem-solving team.

“My goal is to be engaging and relevant to my students,” Brewer said. “That is why I am so involved in my student’s lives, inside and outside the classroom.”

Based on her exemplary work as an educator in Kentucky, she was named as one of the 2023 Kentucky Teacher Achievement Award winners.

“My greatest accomplishment in education has been building relationships with my students and creating a safe and respectful classroom community each school year,” Brewer said.