Graphic with picture of Deanna Landrum reading: Elementary School Teacher Achievement Award winner, Southgate Public School (Southgate Independent)

Deanna Landrum has spent the past 11 years of her life dedicated to her students. In her current role as a library media specialist and Google support specialist at the Southgate Independent School District, she is demonstrating a passion for literacy and innovation.

“When offered the job of library media specialist, it was made clear that a main responsibility of the position was to help make literacy an intricate part of the culture in the school,” said Landrum.

Landrum graduated with a bachelor’s degree in history and political science and a master’s degree in teaching with certification in middle grades social studies from Northern Kentucky University. Most recently, she obtained a master’s degree in libraries, informatics and technology in education from Western Kentucky University.

Landrum said she wanted to do something meaningful with her life, and then 12 years ago, she discovered her love for children and education. She began working at Augusta Independent schools in 2012 as a social studies teacher.

“I found my purpose in teaching middle school social studies. I loved sharing events of the past with my students and the people and cultures behind or leading up to events,” she said.

As part of her role, Landrum teaches students about internet etiquette and safety.

“The ultimate way for students to connect with their community is through responsible use of the internet,” she said. “As the library media specialist, it is my responsibility to instill in Southgate students how to be respectful, responsible and safe digital citizens.”

Landrum was named a 2024 Teacher Achievement Award winner in July.