CCSSO names Holliday to board

Commissioner Terry Holliday

The Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) recently named Education Commissioner Terry Holliday as one of nine new board of directors for 2010-11. All new board members and officers are chief state school officers and continue their tenures in their respective states while serving on CCSSO’s board.

“Our new leadership has a deep commitment to advancing the education reform agenda outlined by states,” said CCSSO Executive Director Gene Wilhoit. “During a time of incredible transition across the country chief state school officers are dedicated to providing the leadership necessary to reshape American public education.”

The other newly-named CCSSO Board of Directors members are:

  • President Christopher Koch, Superintendent of Education, Illinois
  • President-Elect Thomas Luna, Superintendent of Public Instruction, Idaho
  • President Pro Tem Michael Flanagan, Superintendent of Public Instruction, Michigan
  • Larry Shumway, Superintendent of Public Instruction, Utah
  • Deborah Delisle, Superintendent of Public Instruction, Ohio
  • David Steiner, Commissioner of Education, New York
  • Mitchell Chester, Commissioner of Education, Massachusetts
  • June Atkinson, Superintendent of Public Instruction, North Carolina

The CCSSO also named 10 Deputies Leadership Commission members. They are:

  • Tommy Bice, Deputy Superintendent of Education, Alabama
  • Ollie Tyler, Deputy Superintendent of Education, Louisiana
  • Kevin Fangman, Acting Director of Education, Iowa
  • Rae Ann Knopf, Deputy Commissioner, Vermont
  • Marilyn Troyer, Deputy Superintendent, Ohio
  • Gloria Dopf, Deputy Superintendent of Instruction, Nevada
  • Melody Schopp, Deputy Secretary of Education, South Dakota
  • Susie Morrison, Deputy Superintendent of Education, Illinois
  • Paul Leather, Deputy Commissioner, New Hampshire
  • Jorea Marple, Deputy Superintendent, West Virginia Ex-officio