The theme for this year’s Kentucky Safe Schools Week (October 16-22) will be “Cyber- Survivor.” The theme covers current Internet safety topics such as cyberbullying and social networking.

The Kentucky Center for School Safety (KCSS) realizes that the cyberworld offers unique learning opportunities, face-to-face communication and skills to ensure jobs for our Kentucky students, but along with cyberworld “treasures,” we must watch out for “quicksand” such as cyberbullying, sexting, online predators and inappropriate use of social networking.

KCSS encourages every school across Kentucky to join in and participate in this week-long observance, which will be used, in part, to bring together all Kentuckians in a concerted effort to improve online safety skills that impact the educational process.

Interactive online pledges are available on bullying, cyberbullying and respect. This year, a new pledge called “Cyber-Survivor” will encourage everyone to Surf Smart, Share Less and Think First as they explore the treasures of the cyberworld.

Pledges, posters and prompts are available on the KCSS website for teachers to use in classrooms. An array of resources focus on online safety, with lesson plans and activities for students, parents, educators and the whole community.

Visit here for more details.