New KDE Logo(Frankfort, Ky.) – Today Commissioner of Education Stephen Pruitt unveiled a new logo and motto for the Kentucky Department of Education (KDE).

“The department is focused on improving P-12 education for the benefit of our children and ultimately our Commonwealth,” Pruitt said. “The new logo reflects that and a commitment to equity, achievement and integrity for all of our students.”

The logo includes a silhouette of three students of varying ages centered on a gold-filled outline of Kentucky that includes an upward highlight. The state is surrounded by a blue circle that includes the words Kentucky Department of Education. The department’s new motto, “Our Children, Our Commonwealth” stands astride the state in blue.

Pruitt said each element of the logo was selected for a specific reason.

“At the very center are the three children – representative of all Kentucky students at the preschool/elementary, middle and high school levels. Students are the heart of what we do, so it is fitting that they are at the center of the logo,” Pruitt said. “All decisions that are made should be focused on students and what is in their best interest.” Pruitt added that the silhouettes are of actual Kentucky students taken from photographs.

The students are centered on a gold Kentucky with a highlight that moves upward across the state from left to right.

“Gold is the color of achievement. It is important that each one of our students has the opportunity to achieve his or her full potential,” Pruitt said. “Also, we chose gold because I didn’t come to Kentucky to be second to anybody. Through collaboration and hard work, Kentucky will set the gold standard in education for the rest of the country.”

“The highlight shines a light on transparency and being open and honest about our work,” Pruitt said. “The light also represents hope for our students and ensuring they are prepared to move beyond high school graduation.”

The blue circle that surrounds the state represents unity and continuous improvement.

“It is vital that we collaborate and work together to give every child every opportunity for success,” Pruitt said. “It may take a village to raise a child, but it takes the entire Commonwealth to educate one.”

That idea also is reflected in the department’s new motto, “Our Children, Our Commonwealth.”

“It is our collective responsibility as a state to make sure future generations have the opportunity for the same or a better quality of life than their parents had,” Pruitt said. “A great education is the key not only to individual prosperity, but also a ready workforce and the prosperity of all Kentuckians.”

The logo was designed by KDE staff. The department will be rolling out the new logo on its various communications over the next few weeks.