(FRANKFORT, Ky.) – In memory of the victims of last week’s Marshall Co. school shooting and in honor of the staff and students at Marshall County High School, Commissioner of Education Stephen Pruitt is asking Kentuckians statewide to wear the school’s colors of blue and orange on Friday, Feb. 2.

Kentuckians are asked to take pictures showing their support for @marshallcosch1 and post them on social media with the hashtag #MarshallStrong so that the residents of Marshall Co. will know individuals across the state stand behind them.

“The healing and recovery process will be long, and after the spotlight on this tragedy dims, it is important that the residents of Marshall County know they are still on our minds and in our hearts,” Pruitt said.

Many schools across the state are taking on projects to express their care for the students and staff of Marshall County High School. Pruitt encourages all Kentucky schools to do so as a show of solidarity and support.

For example, Danville High School students are writing cards and signing a banner with messages that are encouraging and uplifting. Livingston Central’s cheerleaders presented Marshall County’s with a banner of solidarity during a recent game. And there have been numerous posting of support on social media.

Marshall County Superintendent Trent Lovett and Marshall County High School Principal Patricia Greer say the outpouring of sympathy and encouragement expressed already has been overwhelming and is most appreciated.

The voice of the Marshalls, Jeffery Waters, expressed the community’s sentiment this week in a pregame message posted on Twitter.

“We are grieving; but we are not defeated.
We are sad; but we are encouraged.
We have experienced the worst, and shown the world our best.
We know there are many, many trying days ahead, but we will remain strong … Marshall Strong.
We will never forget those whom we have lost; and we will honor their memories by always striving to be the best we can be.
We are overwhelmed by the loving support of neighbors, and many others around the world; and we are eternally grateful.
We have heroes in our schools and in our community; and we are inspired by them.
We love; and we are loved.
We are together; we are family; WE ARE MARSHALL!”

“Our state’s residents are resilient and pull together in times of trouble,” Pruitt said. “I will be wearing blue and orange on Friday and hope you will join me.”