Photo shows a school bus parked on a residential street

Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) Pupil Transportation Branch Manager Elisa Hanley will serve as vice-chair of the National Congress on School Transportation (NCST) at its 2025 meeting.


Photo of Elisa Hanley

Elisa Hanley

Since 1939, the NCST has set standards and specifications pertaining to the effectiveness, efficiency and safety of school busses across the country. All convenings bring together official representatives from states, including those who work at departments of education and in the public safety sector.

The NCST is affiliated with the National Association of State Directors of Pupil Transportation Services (NASDPTS). Hanley said she has been involved with NASDPTS since she started working at KDE in 2014.

“My involvement with them and the executive team has brought me to being open to volunteering for this role,” she said. “The relationship that I’ve had over the last eight and a half years with the industry has allowed me to feel comfortable and proud to be one of the faces behind the scenes.”

Prior to working at KDE, Hanley served in the Air Force and worked in private industry. Her background is in transporting cargo and troops, insurance, security and more.

“All of my experience allows me to navigate what I do here,” she said.