Local Superintendents Advisory Council graphic 1.31.23

The Kentucky Department of Education’s (KDE) Local Superintendents Advisory Council signed off on amendments to the state’s assessment and accountability system during its meeting on Jan. 31.

The changes come after the passage of Senate Bill 59 (2022), which reduced the number of measures required for students to demonstrate postsecondary readiness and added cooperative and internship experience.

Previously, students needed to successfully complete one quantitative reasoning or natural science course and one written or oral communication, visual and performing arts, humanities, or social and behavioral sciences pathway.

KDE Associate Commissioner Rhonda Sims said KDE’s Office of Assessment and Accountability was able to implement the new system on the data reporting side in fall 2022. The statute just needs to be amended to reflect the new law.

The law deletes the 10th-grade college admissions exam from KRS 158.6453 and adds postsecondary readiness indicators to the statewide accountability system under KRS 158.6455. The bill also amended the postsecondary readiness measures listed in 703 KAR 5:270.

Because of the changes, cooperative learning and internship experience is now considered a postsecondary readiness indicator. Regan Satterwhite, executive adviser with KDE’s Office of Career and Technical Education, said students who complete these pathways typically have better postsecondary education and career outcomes.

“We want these experiences to be meaningful and for students to be immersed in a career field that aligns with their pathway,” she said.

KDE created a work-based learning committee to develop specific guidelines for the new indicator. The committee’s recommendations include a 300-hour work requirement for internships or cooperatives to qualify for the indicator, which needs to be done during the school year.

The Kentucky Board of Education will consider the changes during its meeting Feb. 7-8.

Career and Technical Education Month

The members of KDE’s Office of Career and Technical Education also told superintendents about plans to highlight Career and Technical Education (CTE) Month in February.

“Kentucky truly does set the standard for quality CTE at the national level,” KDE Associate Commissioner Beth Hargis said.

Hargis said 71% of Kentucky’s high school students participated in CTE, which ultimately helps prepare them in a variety of ways for their future careers.

“Our office is committed to promoting high-quality CTE programs and pathways to help improve Kentucky’s workforce,” she said.

The department is holding the Career and Technical Education (CTE) Showcase at the Kentucky State Capitol to highlight what 32 schools across the Commonwealth are offering. The showcase will be held on Feb. 21 from 1:30 to 4 p.m. ET

The next Local Superintendents Advisory Council meeting is scheduled for March 28.