Financial Transparency Data Released on Kentucky School Report CardKentucky residents can now see how much schools spend per student and other financial expenditures with a new update of the Kentucky Department of Education’s School Report Card, which was released May 23.

The information contained in the financial transparency section of the Kentucky School Report Card is from the 2022-2023 school year. It includes data on funding, grants, spending and taxes for each school district, as well as school-level spending per student. The financial data is released later than the rest of the Kentucky School Report Card to allow districts to use audited financial information in their calculations, which promotes greater accuracy of the district financial data.

School-level spending per student data is calculated by district staff; specific school-level questions regarding this data should be directed to districts.

Data alone cannot fully explain the financial situation of a district, so a financial narrative was once again included on the Financial Summary tab of the report card. This optional short narrative – 750 characters – gives parents, community members and researchers a better understanding of the district’s financial picture.

School, district and state financial data can be compared using the Kentucky School Report Card compare feature.

For comprehensive instructions for how to access and navigate the Kentucky School Report Card, refer to the Kentucky School Report Card help page.