For the 2018-2019 school year, $1.8 million was allocated for districts and area technology centers (ATCs) to offer Kentucky Workforce Innovation Board (KWIB) approved industry recognized credentials to free/reduced-price meal students. The students must have completed at least two credits in a Career and Technical Education career pathway.

Each district and ATC have an allocation determined using 2017-2018 TEDS data. Only district amounts will be posted on the KDE state grants webpage. This Industry Certification Reimbursement Guidance document includes the processes needed to request reimbursement of funds used for this purpose.

Eligible reimbursement includes any KWIB-approved stack-alone or stack of industry certifications on the 2018-2019 Industry Certification list. Questions about these funds should be directed to the Office of Career and Technical Education at (502) 564-4286.