Grade 10 students will take a field test in reading and mathematics in spring 2019.

During a field test, students take a limited number of items rather than a complete test form. A field test helps prepare for operational “live” tests by providing information for data and psychometric analyses of item types​ and the engagement of students with items​. A field test does not produce student performance levels (Novice, Apprentice, Proficient or Distinguished).

The field test will be based on the current Kentucky Academic Standards that have been adopted by the Kentucky Board of Education. Eventually, when the revised standards for reading and mathematics are in place, additional items will be field tested. The field test supports the move from end-of-course assessments previously administered at the high school level to the grade 10 summative tests.

These field tests will be conducted online this spring.

Send questions to or call (502) 564-4394.