Kentucky’s Family Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) is a student organization that provides personal growth, leadership development and career preparation in family and consumer sciences education.

A large part of the organization’s mission is community service. Kentucky has a great way to accomplish this mission by encouraging each chapter to “paint their town red with community service” by dedicating one day during the week of Oct. 29- Nov. 4 to take action and make a difference in their community.  

FCCLA students and advisers have been challenged to plan and implement a community service project to fill a need in their area. The project requires members to set an attainable goal and come together for a day of service to meet that goal. Chapters are able to choose a project that is important to them and will make an impact. Some examples of FCCLA Day of Service project include cleaning up a local park, volunteering for a day at the local YMCA, and preparing breakfast for community service providers,

This is the first official day of service in what is hoped to be an annual event. FCCLA members started this project to give back to the communities that have supported their causes and donated to their efforts over the years. Kentucky FCCLA Day of Service projects are a great way for student organizations to give back to their communities and educate residents about their mission for the upcoming year, including their campaign to educate and inform people about the Sepsis Alliance.

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