The 17th Annual Student Leadership Day for career and technical education (CTE) students is slated for Feb. 13. CTE students and career and technical education student organization (CTSO) leaders can visit Frankfort and learn about the individual’s role in a representative democracy.

Student Leadership Day will include:

  • Limited attendance to the first 325 registrations received complete with fees paid. Student Leadership Day reached maximum attendance registration each of the past three years. Register early to secure participation.
  • A morning assembly at the Frankfort High School auditorium. The CTSO state advisers, with help from classroom teachers, have created a fast-paced, interactive and leadership-focused program for students.
  • The opportunity to reserve space on tours of the State Capitol at 11 a.m. or 1 p.m.

An important opportunity for participants in Student Leadership Day is scheduling a meeting with their respective state senator and representative. Having the opportunity to experience the legislative environment is a valuable learning event. Appointments are easy to schedule and legislators welcome the opportunity to meet their young constituents.

The registration fee for teachers/advisers and student attendees for Student Leadership Day is $5. To register, visit this Google document.

Student Leadership Day is presented by the Kentucky Association for Career and Technical Education (KACTE) in cooperation with the Kentucky CTSO state advisers. For more information, contact KACTE Executive Director Mike Stone, (502) 223-1823 or by email at