Kentucky is the latest state to join the Engineering byDesign Consortium of States.

The Engineering byDesign (EbD) program is a K-12 solution for states, school districts and schools wanting to deliver an engineering/technological literacy curricula through science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM.) The EbD consortium is a network that links schools and teachers who believe that the ingenuity of children is untapped unrealized potential which, when properly motivated, will lead to the next generation of engineers, innovators, designers and technologists.

The consortium is a program run by the International Technology and Engineering Educators Association’s (ITEEA) STEM Center for Teaching and Learning. Engineering byDesign is administered in Kentucky through the Kentucky Department of Education’s Office of Career and Technical Education.

As a consortium state member, the standard edition of each Engineering byDesign course is available for preschool to 12th-grade teachers to download from Kentucky’s consortium state page. Users must be logged in to the ITEEA website to request access to the curricula and resources from the Kentucky’s State Consortium Director Mark Harrell.

Creating an account on ITEEA’s website is free. Teachers must use their school email address to be granted access.