Picture of a group of smiling students standing outside in a large group with their hands linked together.

Kentucky DECA regional and state officers work together using creative problem solving, teamwork and communication skills to complete an objective at the Eastern Kentucky University Challenge Course in Richmond.
Photo by Lisa M. Oakes, Kentucky Department of Education

Kentucky DECA state and regional officers participated in activities designed to enhance their leadership, communication, project management and teamwork abilities during the 2021 Kentucky DECA Summer Leadership Camp.

DECA, a career and technical student organization, has been preparing emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality and management for 75 years.

Students from around Kentucky who are serving as state or regional officers took part in activities, including the Low Rope Challenge Course at Eastern Kentucky University (EKU), project management training and planning sessions for the year ahead. Participating students and the high schools they attend included:

  • Brooklyn Williams, Graves County High School;
  • Lauren Worley, Pulaski County High School;
  • Parker Sellers, Pulaski County High School;
  • Ivey Redd, Trigg County High School;
  • Lilly P’Pool, Trigg County High School;
  • Savanah Garnett, Trigg County High School;
  • Lucas Beebe, John Hardin High School (Hardin County);
  • Aubrey Morse, Trigg County High School;
  • Ellie Youngblood, Trigg County High School;
  • Aiden Corder, Somerset High School (Somerset Independent);
  • Max Yeast, Somerset High School (Somerset Independent);
  • Taylor Smith, Breckinridge County High School;
  • Jenna Visingardi, Trigg County High School; and
  • Leo Gogol, Scott County High School. 

“The 2021 Kentucky DECA Summer Camp was such a pleasure to attend,” said Brooklyn Williams of Graves County High School. “There were many valuable lessons and strategies taught to help prepare for the upcoming school year. My personal favorite activity was participating in the Challenge Course at EKU. It was the first time our teen leaders had been able to meet in person, and we were able to grow together as a team by helping each other through the obstacles.”

Kentucky DECA is planning activities for the 2021-2022 school year that will focus on:

  • Fundraising for organizations that support research for medical conditions;
  • Collaborating with local small businesses in their marketing efforts; and
  • Maximizing members’ educational opportunities by planning and implementing local community service projects.

For more information about Kentucky DECA and its plan for the year ahead, email Lisa Oakes, Kentucky state DECA adviser.