The Kentucky Science Speakers Bureau offers educators access to scientific experts from across the Commonwealth.

8-25-16 SCIENCE Ky Academy of Science LogoFrom its 3,700 members, the Kentucky Academy of Science (KAS) has assembled a list of experts on a variety of subjects who are willing to talk to a variety of different audiences, or even serve as mentors for science teachers. Check out the Kentucky Science Speakers Bureau and consider inviting a scientist to meet with you or visit your class if:

  • You or your students are struggling with a particular topic or unit.
  • You want some perspective on integrating scientific processes into your classroom with the Kentucky Academic Standards for Science.
  • You are looking for extra support for students interested in science fairs, the Kentucky Junior Academy of Science or research in general.
  • You have a special need or event coming up.

The speakers bureau listing allows you to look for scientists with particular areas of expertise, who are geographically close to you or who are willing to speak to different types of audiences. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, you can email KAS to help you find what you’re looking for.

KAS leaves it up to the parties involved to negotiate reimbursement for travel or other expenses, as applicable.

The Kentucky Academy of Science also offers free membership and a variety of science-teaching resources for P-12 teachers. Find out more in our August Kentucky Teacher article “KAS offers free help for science teachers.”

For more information, contact Amanda Fuller, KAS executive director,, (859) 227-2837.