VSA Kentucky – in partnership with the Kentucky Department of Education and VSA, a Program of the Kennedy Center – is offering awards of $1,300 to schools throughout Kentucky to fund inclusionary, hands-on arts projects through the Arts Inclusion Program.

This arts in education program is VSA Kentucky’s largest, offered in every Congressional District in the Commonwealth and serving thousands of students every year. The Arts Inclusion Program provides artists residencies January-May using artists from the VSA Kentucky Teaching Artist Roster.

The Arts Inclusion Program gives schools the opportunity to provide thematic, adaptive and experiential projects (in creative writing, dance, theater arts, music, storytelling or visual arts) that ensure successful learning for K-12 students both with and without disabilities. VSA Kentucky Teaching Roster artists blend the project with your curriculum and the Kentucky Academic Standards. VSA Kentucky Teaching Artists also provide you with a completed Universal Design for Learning document based on your application once it is approved.

Go to the VSA Kentucky website to access the Arts Inclusion program guidelines and application. The application postmark deadline is Oct. 20.

For more information, contact Delaire Rowe at (270) 904-7019 or email programs@vsartsky.org.