Graduation rate, Advanced Placement and ACT scores rise

The percentage of Kentucky public school students graduating from high school continued to increase; more students took rigorous Advanced Placement tests and earned a qualifying score of 3 or higher; and students scored higher with a greater percentage of them meeting readiness benchmarks on the ACT, according to 2016-17 assessment data released today by the Kentucky Department of Education.

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Graduation, student readiness and achievement continue to improve in final year of Unbridled Learning accountability

The number of students graduating from high school and considered college/career-ready continues to increase, and more students are scoring at higher levels in most grades and subjects since the state launched its assessment and accountability system five years ago, according to data released by the Kentucky Department of Education.

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Taking ownership for closing achievement gaps

Achievement gaps have been around for decades. They exist in nearly every school, every school district and every state. Everyone agrees we have to do something about gaps – something that will solve the issue once and for all – but then it grows quiet.

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