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We can make black history today

Learning about and celebrating the contributions of African Americans to the building, development and success of the United States was an important part of my childhood and schooling. It is important to me as an educator and even more important to me as a father.

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Equity means doing what is right for each and every student

When most educators hear the word “equity,” they usually think of issues related to race or of someone relinquishing some rights, services, power or privileges so that members of under-served groups can benefit. Equity is so much more than either of those notions, and the truth is that everyone wants equity.

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Board backs action to fully fund teacher pension system

Beau Barnes, deputy executive secretary of the Kentucky Teachers’ Retirement System, and Associate Commissioner Hiren Desai update the Kentucky Board of Education on the KTRS pension fund.Photo by Amy Wallot, Dec. 3, 2014 The Kentucky Board of Education (KBE) passed a resolution Wednesday encouraging the Kentucky Teachers’ Retirement System (KTRS) to work with the governor and General Assembly [...]

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The danger in oversimplifying achievement gaps

Terry Holliday In several recent blogs, (Moving in the Right Direction and Making the Numbers Real), I congratulated Kentucky students and educators on the significant progress we are making in college/career-readiness rates and graduation rates. We are also beginning to see significant improvement in proficiency rates, and our unduplicated gap group has improved in all areas. However, I [...]

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Will it be politics as usual, or not?

Education Commissioner Terry Holliday As the dust settles from the election, there is much talk and speculation about the impact the election may have on public education in this country. At least that was a primary topic for discussion at the Council of Chief State School Officers Annual Policy Forum that I attended last week. Secretary of Education Arne [...]

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Video can help teachers close achievement gaps

Kentucky teachers, like those in most other American classrooms, face the challenge of closing achievement gaps. As difficult as this can be, there are strategies that have been shown to work in all types of classrooms and among all types of students. Through CIITS and Edivation, Kentucky educators have access to a professional learning video that can equip them with some [...]

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