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Call Frankfort Cemetery to schedule your field trip to Boone’s grave

While a visit to Kentucky’s capital city isn’t complete without going to Frankfort Cemetery to see the burial site of Rebecca and Daniel Boone, cemetery officials are asking educators to let them know when a visit is scheduled to help ease traffic issues.

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Classes invited to study contemporary Kentuckians’ artworks

The Crafts Luminary exhibit sponsored by the Kentucky Craft History and Education Association (KCHEA) and presented at ArtsPlace in Lexington offers teachers an opportunity to address the Kentucky Academic Standards in the Visual Arts (creating, presenting, responding, and connecting) as they engage students in exploring artworks by contemporary Kentuckians. Teachers may take their students on a field trip to ArtsPlace [...]

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Old Fort Harrod welcomes educational field trips

Old Fort Harrod State Park invites teachers to schedule educational field trips for their students to the park in Harrodsburg, the site of Kentucky’s first permanent settlement. The park gives students the opportunity to learn by experiencing the frontier with living history interpreters, who engage them with hands-on conversations. The park also includes Kentucky’s first schoolhouse, the oldest cemetery in [...]

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State parks foundation offers grants for park visits

The Kentucky State Parks Foundation is offering grants to schools to allow students to visit Kentucky State Parks during the 2015-16 school year. Inside Out Education, an initiative of the foundation, the Kentucky Department of Parks and the Kentucky Department of Education, seeks to engage students in an educational field experience and enhance academic achievement by using the state park [...]

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Arts/science center has field trips, outreach programs

The Living Arts and Science Center in Lexington is offering several science and art discovery field trips and outreach programs. The programs are interactive and stimulating ways to reinforce art and science curriculum. Offerings include the science discovery exhibit, “The Nature of Color,” as well as the art discovery exhibits “Afterimage” (through March 13) and “Wild Things” (March 20-May 2). [...]

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History comes alive in arts infused field trips

This summer 45 teachers from across the state spent a week in Frankfort learning how to infuse arts into field trips. By early next year the lesson plans they developed will be available for teachers statewide.

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