Monday, October 19, 2020
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KDE releases guidance on gauging COVID-19 learning gaps

How to safely reopen schools is not the only issue facing Kentucky educators this fall. Teachers and administrators also must deal with the COVID-19-related effects on learning.

Core practice hacks: Planning, assessment and feedback

Meredith White of the Southern Conference On Language Teaching said backward designing each day's lessons, starting with what she wanted her students to know and be able to do each day, helped her ensure every minute of classroom time was used effectively.

Get more hands-on by flipping your classroom

Hopkins County's Garris Landon Stroud says flipping his classroom gave him the opportunity to encourage deeper learning in his science classroom.

Creating, implementing and analyzing formative science assessments in K-8

Teachers from several western Kentucky school districts recently completed the first year of a partnership designed to develop a bank of high-quality, elementary/middle science formative assessments.

Science through-course task field test update

Kentucky science teachers tried something new this year, and there is little doubt that the through-course task component of the new Science Assessment System can make a big difference in science education across the Commonwealth.

Performance of science

Washington County science teachers work to improve instruction and assessment across the state and nation with formative assessment practices.

My life as a ‘flipped’ teacher

Discover what happened when one Boone County mathematics teacher decided to flip one unit in her Algebra I class.

Perfecting formative assessment in science

Twelve Washington County teachers are enhancing their use of formative assessment practices in science classes as part of grant to improve science instruction and assessment.

Using PLCs to support the Mathematics Design Collaborative work

Professional learning communities can be a great support for teachers involved with the Mathematics Design Collaborative.

Teachers share their experiences of creating formative assessment lessons

Two teachers share their experiences of being part a group of Kentucky teachers developing formative assessment lessons for grades K-5.