Kentucky Elementary Teacher of the Year

Emotions are the hook that imbeds concepts in students’ minds

Taylor County's Kellie Jones says students may come with different experiences – and it’s important to keep up with the changing times – but connect with them on an emotional level and you will have an experience that remains embedded in their hearts and minds.

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What matters most

Joshua DeWar, the 2016 Kentucky Elementary School Teacher of the Year, shares his thoughts on how relationships are one of the crucial building blocks in a high-quality education.

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Remembering why we love to teach

2016 Kentucky Elementary School Teacher of the Year Joshua DeWar says current teachers need to share their passion for their profession to help young people see teaching as a viable and valuable career.

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Deaf and hard of hearing students thrive with high expectations

Heidi Givens Throughout my time writing for Kentucky Teacher, I have tried to provide awareness about deafness and the education of students who are deaf and hard of hearing. I have done my best to give voice to this unique group of students and the community and culture they represent. With September 22-29 being National Deaf Awareness Week, I deem [...]

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