Thursday, September 23, 2021
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Tag: Louisville Zoo

Louisville Zoo asking students to make art, instruments out of trash

The Louisville Zoo is holding its annual recycled art contest – dubbed “Trashformation” – online this year.

Louisville Zoo offers new online programs for children, school groups

The Louisville Zoo is offering a new digital outreach for children, schools and families: Virtual Animal Adventures, through its Zoo Live! program.

Louisville Zoo offers educational programs as part of field trips

The Louisville Zoo offers educational experiences that provide an opportunity for students to discover natural phenomena in an immersive learning environment.

Behind the scenes at the Louisville Zoo

As a group of teachers from across the state entered the room for one recent professional learning session, they were greeted by some animals that you don't normally see in a reception area. The teachers had come to take part in the Louisville Zoo in 3D event, a day focused on showing educators that the zoo can be a valuable educational tool. 

Free Teacher Tuesdays coming to Louisville Zoo

Teachers are invited to attend Free Teacher Tuesdays at the Louisville Zoo during July to explore the zoo and discover opportunities for the coming...

KSB students look to zoo for career-readiness

KSB students use zoo experience to prepare for the future.