KDE’s role in the General Assembly’s 2024 regular session

For those of us who work in state government, you will hear us talk about the first few months of a new year being a busy time due to the General Assembly being in session. This year is what is known as a long session, where the legislators will create the next two-year budget.

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Students helping students: Carlisle PALs comes full circle

At the turn of the millennium, leaders at Carlisle County Schools worked to address specific issues impacting their district: low attendance numbers and dropout statistics among at-risk students. The Carlisle Preschool Assistants to Learning (PALs) program was born from this work.

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Memorandum signed waiving leave limits; more KDE guidance released

By Jim Gaines Lt. Gov. Jacqueline Coleman, who also serves as secretary of the Education and Workforce Development Cabinet, has signed a memorandum from Interim Commissioner of Education Kevin C. Brown that is the first step in giving local school boards more flexibility in offering emergency leave for school district employees affected by COVID-19. The memo waives the normal [...]

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