Thursday, October 29, 2020
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Pre-K working in Erlanger-Elsmere schools

Erlanger-Elsmere Independent is working with parents, community groups and the United Way to make sure every student is ready for kindergarten.

New toolbox aims to help school leaders build early childhood support

Recent kindergarten readiness results show that only half of Kentucky’s children arrived at school ready to do kindergarten work this year. In response, the Kentucky Department of Education and the Governor’s Office of Early Childhood have released a new tool called the “Superintendent Toolbox” to help superintendents improve kindergarten readiness in their communities.

Education secretary praises Kentucky progress

During a trip to Louisville this week, United States Education Secretary Arne Duncan saw firsthand, some of the progress Kentucky has made in public...

Ready to learn

Districts across the state are trying new ways to increase kindergarten readiness.

Learning while playing in Union County

Last month, data from the Kindergarten Readiness Screener was released showing that half of incoming kindergarten students are ready for school. The screener gives kindergarten teachers an instructional starting point for their classes.

Changing preschool delivery could be a win for all

This week, Commissioner Terry Holliday  welcomes Kentucky Department of Education Chief of Staff Tommy Floyd as a guest blogger. Dr. Floyd weighs in on some new...

Ky. Center for Mathematics offers professional learning opportunities

The Kentucky Center for Mathematics (KCM) is offering several trainings and course offerings during this summer and throughout the 2014-15 school year. The offerings include...

District using kindergarten screener results to improve early learning practices

Proper analysis of data critical to high quality education, according to award winning superintendent.

Kindergarten screener goes from pilot to full flight

Teacher who didn’t get to pilot readiness screener excited to see its effect on her students.

District puts technology in every student’s hands, even the littlest ones

Cloverport Independent already benefitting from P-12 1:1 initiative.