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Kentucky Local Superintendents Advisory Council approves changes to social studies standards, discusses funding in light of student illnesses

The Kentucky Local Superintendents Advisory Council approved changes to 704 KAR 8:060, the Kentucky Academic Standards for Social Studies, during its Nov. 22 meeting. The changes include incorporating a list of fundamental documents and speeches into the middle and high school standards, per the requirements of KRS 158.196.

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Funding mechanism for charter schools is needed, Lewis tells council

Education Commissioner Wayne Lewis told members of the Kentucky Charter School Advisory Council that until the Kentucky General Assembly provides a funding mechanism for charter schools, there is no way that charter applications can be processed by local boards of education.

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Funding the margins

Two teachers find ways to pay for learning experiences by thinking outside the budget.

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KBE focuses on need for school funding

At the Kentucky Board of Education meeting yesterday, Commissioner Terry Holliday warned of teacher layoffs and an increase in the number of school districts that will fail financially if they do not receive a restoration of funding in the upcoming legislative session.

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