Friday, January 21, 2022
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Tag: students with disabilities

SAPEC discusses performance report targets, state systemic improvement plan

The State Advisory Panel for Exceptional Children (SAPEC) discussed the state’s State Performance Plan (SPP) targets, the Annual Performance Report (APR) and the State Systemic Improvement Plan (SSIP) during its Dec. 13 meeting.

Threat assessment model catching on in Kentucky schools

School threat assessment teams are adopting the Comprehensive School Threat Assessment Guidelines as a result of regional trainings by education cooperatives across the state.

Office of Special Education and Early Learning works to build bridges...

KDE’s Office of Special Education and Early Learning focused its first summit on helping school- and district-level educators improve school climate and culture for students with disabilities.

Special considerations for identifying gifted students

Can students who are on the autism spectrum or students who have other disabling conditions be considered for gifted and talented services? The simple answer is yes.

Teaching grammar with authentic texts

Bullitt County's Stacy Crawford Bewley shares what she uses to help her students focus on writing, particularly on grammar and mechanics.

Incorporate students with disabilities into social studies classrooms

Jessamine County's Ellen Bloyd shares how her district's teachers work together to keep students with moderate to severe disabilities in general education classes with their same-age peers.

Cultural Accessibility Summit set for March 30

Kentucky’s arts accessibility partners will host the second Cultural Accessibility Summit March 30 at the Southern Kentucky Performing Arts Center in Bowling Green. The event is a day of learning and discussion about inclusive arts environments.

Why inclusion matters

Lee County's Julia Bishop shares how her students with disabilities need to feel as though they belong to the larger school community.

Adaptive recreation can make all PE students feel like part of...

At a recent adaptive recreation training, teachers learned how physical education classes can be adapted to include students with disabilities, and at the same time break down walls between differently abled students.