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Kentucky superintendents discuss legislature’s decision to strike down emergency regulation on paid leave for quarantined school staff

Following the Kentucky General Assembly’s decision to disallow an emergency regulation related to paid leave for district employees, leadership from the Kentucky Department of Education met with school district leaders during the Superintendent Webcast on March 8 to provide details on how to move forward for quarantined staff.

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Why teach?

Scott County's Erin Ball, the 2020 Kentucky Teacher of the Year, shares what brought her into the teaching profession and why she believes it's a rewarding field.

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Out of ‘nothing’ teachers are experts at seeing ‘something’

Something from nothing. It’s a phrase that comes up in my Mythology class whenever my students and I examine the creation myths of the ancient world. Many civilizations began their creation stories in primordial darkness, and from that nothingness, the universe emerged. The word “myth” comes from the Greek word “mythos,” or story, and as teachers, you and [...]

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