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March 2024

Educator Spotlight: Kevin Dailey

By |March 15, 2024|Educator Spotlight|

Kevin Dailey, a U.S. history teacher at Ballyshannon Middle School (Boone County), has been an educator for 10 years. The Covington native originally wanted to pursue a career in architectural design, but he realized his true passion was to become an educator. 

September 2023

Boone County’s Kevin Dailey named 2024 Kentucky Teacher of the Year

By |September 13, 2023|News|

Kevin Dailey, a middle school social studies teacher at Ballyshannon Middle School in Boone County, has been named the 2024 Kentucky Teacher of the Year. "I am really blessed and honored to be able to represent 40,000 plus teachers in Kentucky," Dailey said. "This day is about all of our kids and all of our families. This day is about Kentucky."

2024 Kentucky Middle School Teacher of the Year Kevin Dailey wants his students to feel supported, included

By |September 13, 2023|Features|

Kevin Dailey was never supposed to be a teacher. As a child, he had hopes of being an architect, taking an idea and forging it into something that would last forever. “As a child of divorce and of economic insecurity, not much was expected of me at school,” said Dailey, a  at Ballyshannon Middle School (Boone County). “I would finish school, then I would paint houses like my dad and his dad before him.”

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April 2024

The Imperfect Classroom: Be a Top Dog

By |April 11, 2024|Kentucky Teacher of the Year|

While the vast majority of teachers are able to balance the countless duties they face day in and day out, occasionally, you come across a teacher who makes it look effortless. One such person is 2nd grade teacher Markayla Stevens at Pikeville Elementary (Pikeville Independent).

March 2024

The Imperfect Classroom: Find a Way

By |March 14, 2024|Kentucky Teacher of the Year|

Julia Bishop is a 5th-grade reading teacher at Owsley Elementary. She has only been in her current role for the last three years; prior to this, she was a special education teacher in a neighboring school district - a rival I’m told - and a graduate of Eastern Kentucky University.

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