High-quality induction programs can make new teachers more effective faster. Research shows that comprehensive, multi-year induction programs accelerate the professional growth of new teachers, reduce the rate of new teacher attrition and improve student learning.

To support the induction of new teachers into the professional school community, Kentucky schools can request up to $325 per new teacher. This financial support, utilizing Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund state-level funds, can be used to supplement existing schoolwide initiatives or for new programs as outlined in the New Teacher Support Application. For this opportunity, new teachers are defined only as those with no prior teaching experience and does not include experienced teachers new to your building.

Applications for the New Teacher Support funding must include a proposed budget and plan aligned to four specific areas of effective teacher induction programs, each with recommendations and links to examples or resources: New Teacher Academy, Professional Development, Mentoring Program and Peer Observation. School leaders can find support for their own improvements to teacher recruitment practices and new teacher experience through the Principal Partnership Project (P3) New Teacher Induction resources.

In addition to local support, all first-, second- and third-year Kentucky teachers may join the GoTeachKY New Teacher Network, an online community dedicated to the success of early career educators. Participants are matched with a Friend in the Field – a veteran teacher trained in new teacher support strategies – and receive regular communications to provide some levity, encouragement and practical tips.

Monthly professional learning opportunities also are available through the GoTeachKY Teachers Helping Teachers series, highlighting Kentucky teacher voices and expertise, with new teachers in mind.

For more information, contact the Division of Educator Recruitment and Development at (502) 564-1479:

  • New Teacher Support funding: Meredith Brewer, division director
  • New Teacher Network: Erin Ashcraft, assistant director